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Jessica McLeod, Actress: Death Note. Jesse grew up in Victoria B.C, Canada. After several years of getting taller, she finished high school at Claremont Secondary in 2013. She graduated two years early with a 4.0 GPA, because she's a huge nerd. Since then, she has moved to Vancouver, and is working and training in film, television, and theatre. Jesse enjoys things like reading, tap ...

Victoria, British Columbia, Kanada
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57 Hollow in the Land
Hollow in the Land
40 Kluci na povel
Kluci na povel
47 Scary Movie 4
Scary Movie 4
74 Spálené vzpomínky
Spálené vzpomínky
25 Předvečer zkázy
Předvečer zkázy
36 Táta: matka pluku
Táta: matka pluku


2017Death Notefilm

2017Hollow in the Landfilm

2017The Hollow Childfilm

2014Kluci na povelTV film

2013Bostonské tornádoTV film

2013Předvečer zkázyTV film

2013RitaTV film

2012The Christmas ConsultantTV film

2009Tornado ValleyTV film

2009Táta: matka plukuTV film

2009Vánoce v CanaanuTV film

2007Spálené vzpomínkyfilm

2006Scary Movie 4film

2005Fetching Codyfilm

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